Is The American Dream Dead?

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Wonder is a powerful word. It’s about possibility, dreaming, inspiration. When I started coaching 8 years ago I wondered where this career choice would take me. It has been quite a learning process going from counseling/healing to a business focus.

I was coaching for about a year when I had an “aha” I shared with my husband. “Dave, I didn’t realize it until now, but I’m in sales.” He laughed and said, “I wondered when you were going to figure that out.” It took time, but I’ve actually come to enjoy my “joy” calls as I like to name the time I spend talking with people who might need my services.

I love coaching because I love people. I love helping others reach their goals and stay true to their dreams and I receive so much more than money in the process. Yesterday I had lunch with a financial advisor who freely shared how to take care of an investment, a local business owner who dedicates time to helping troubled teens and a writer who’s intuitively gifted.

Since I like to have Fun throughout each day I play the “I Wonder Game.” It goes like this: Ask the question: I wonder (for example) I wonder _______what money will show up unexpectedly today, what I might learn and from whom, what laughs will occur, what fun things will happen today. Yes, having a sense of WONDER is a powerful way to move through each day!!


"I was named #1 in Sales in the new clothing company Celebrating Grace." Pat Brown, Celebrating Grace Central Valley, CA

I help women live their dreams by getting their Money Hose in order! What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What does $$ mean to you? What gets in the way of making the money you really know you’re capable of? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything!

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“Just named #8 in North America in Nikken! Thank you Lynn and the Law of Attraction.” Kathy Harris, Nikken Entrepreneur, Lodi, CA


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Feature Article

Is The American Dream Dead?

No. But it does need mouth-to-mouth assistance. “Resuscitate the American Dream with hope, change and personal responsibility,” says Suze Orman in her newest book, The Money Class. The American Dream our parents embraced was one of living BELOW their means. This is a lesson we lost track of in the obsession for MORE that advertisers promoted and we indebted ourselves to (in oh so many Visa and MasterCard ways).

We need to not only rescue the American Dream as Suze says, but resuscitate it with the old virtues of hard work and sacrifice. Boring, and so not as exciting as the Kardashian or Jersey Shores lifestyles, but realistic.

Suze says, and I agree, that we must move beyond materialism – an empty value if there ever was one – to authentic happiness. Read more...


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PowerUP Your Money Introductory Workshop

Are you READY to CHANGE Lifelong Money Patterns, Get Your Money House in Order & Reach your Full Financial Potential?

When: Wed April 25
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Where: You'll get the info once you register
Investment: $27.00
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Appetizers Wine FUN Appetizers Wine FUN Appetizers FUN


Warrior Bootcamp for Business June 15th & 16th 2012

I’m really excited that Deborah Price, my Mentor & Coach & the founder of The Money Coaching Institute will be coming to Modesto to teach the 2 Day Warrior Bootcamp for Business.

Warrior Bootcamp for Business is an inspiring, practical and highly impactful workshop designed for business owners of all types.

Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to be successful in business, personally or financially. As a result, many business owners and entrepreneurs often struggle unnecessarily because they haven't learned to engage their inner "Warrior," the money type that holds the key to your financial success.

In Warrior Bootcamp, we will help you to gain access to the part of yourself that is strong, powerful, focused and capable beyond your current knowing.

Warrior Bootcamp for Business is quite different from a "traditional" business planning process as it is divided into three core components:

1. Money Coaching - Includes processes for Identifying Your Business Blocks and Obstacles to Success, Evaluate Your Leadership Quadrants and Influencing Archetypes.

2. Business Coaching - Will help you Develop Your Unique Position & Market, Build a Realistic Revenue Model, and Daily Right Action Plan & Strategies for Business.

3. Marketing - Focuses on Creating Effective Passive and Active Marketing Strategies and helps you build Your Marketing Model

Investment: Regularly $795 but for Central Valley Business Owners $595.

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The Money Spa – A Women’s Retreat

Silver Ridge Retreat Center in Tuolumne City, CA
Cynthia Flesher, CMT & Lynn Telford-Sahl
Oct 12th, 13th, 14th

Nurturing, fun, relaxing, & empowering:

What You Receive: 2 nights (double occupancy) 5 meals

Lynn’s Mind Over Money Workshop

SPA FUN - For an additional $30-60 Cynthia is booking foot, chair or full massages – Her calendar will fill so book early!!

Are You Ready for This? $199.00 (plus spa treatments)

Only 20 Spots Open $50.00 Deposit holds your spot

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Wendy Malone
Licensed Contractor, A Woman's Touch

Wendy is meticulous. When she paints a room, she takes a picture, takes everything out and puts everything back as you had it. She does a great job, goes the extra mile and then some and you will love her cheerful, happy personality as well.

Wendy is a licensed contractor and owner of A Woman's Touch Painting & Handywork. She specializes in house painting, crown molding and laminate flooring installation, murals, minor plumbing, electical and more! With 15 years experience, she does it all with a Women's Touch!! (209) 352-5566

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