Is It True That Nice Girls Don't Get Rich?

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The week before vacation is always jam packed, and as Dave and I get ready to go to Mexico this Friday the 17th, it’s as usual. I’m grateful to have and make the time to be able to get away and Relax, or as I like to say, pretend I’m a vegetable and replenish. (Yes I wear plenty of sunscreen, hats, etc., and yet I LOVE the sun.) Must be my Southern California upbringing.







March is Women’s History Month. If you’re local please mark your calendar and attend the screening of Miss Representation, an extremely well done documentary about the way the media misrepresents girls and women which can affect their leadership and success potential. I was a 70s bra-burning feminist and find it sad, but not surprising, that women have made progress, but not nearly enough. Let’s support our girls to focus on school more and shopping, boys and gossip less.

When: Thursday March 22, 2012
Where: Galaxy Theatre, Riverbank, CA
Time: Movie 7:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Reception to meet Women Luminaries of Riverbank – Galaxy Theatre

FREE Event – Donations are appreciated and will benefit
Haven Women’s Center & Family Justice Center!


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I help women live their dreams by getting their Money House in order! What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What does $$ mean to you? What gets in the way of making the money you really know you’re capable of? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything!

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Feature Article

Is It True That Nice Girls Don't Get Rich?

Nice Girls Don't Get Rich author Lois Frankel, Ph.D (a rich woman in more ways than one) says that many of the characteristics that make women uniquely feminine are the very same behaviors that prevent them from becoming financially independent.

Women are socialized to be the caretakers and more women go into the helping (less income) professions than men. Ms. Frankel says she spent "the first half her adult life believing that doing good and doing well were mutually exclusive."

Take a look at this "nice girl" programming and see what you think:

• Money is power, and most little girls are not taught to be powerful - they're taught to be "nice."



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Upcoming Events

For Women in Business: Money Magic Teleseminar Lunch Time Series

When: March 13, 20th, 27th 11:30 – 12:15 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Investment: $27.00 - Register Here!

If you have any of these Financial Challenges:

• Are Financially stressed
• Overspend or Overshop
• Aren’t managing money effectively
• Are Under earning or Under charge for services
• Have gone through a financial trauma such as bankruptcy

Here's What You'll Get In This Power Packed 3 Sessions:

• Assess Your Money Strengths
• Identify Your Top 3 Money Challenges
• Re-Set Your Money Speedometer – Are you limiting your income and don’t know what to do?
• Set a Bold Money Goal for 2012
• Introduction to Unfinished Money Business (& why finishing is freeing)
• Create an Action Plan based on Top 3 Money Challenges


COMMUNITY EVENT May 19th, 2012


This is a program for youth K-12 with the educational tools needed to start, own and operate their very own lemonade stands. This program was very successfully launched in Houston and Modesto is modeling our program after theirs.


Contact: Tammie Webb, City Director, 209 495-5759 at



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Susan Bremer O’Neill

Self-Appeal Coach





Do you know any women that don’t feel as comfortable as they’d like with their body? I can think of only a handful of women that are confident about their body. We’re lucky to have Susan in the community and she has a gentle approach to help women shift to a kinder gentler place with their body.

Susan Bremer O’Neill, Self-Appeal Coach

I help women improve their self image and raise their self esteem and confidence. Through coaching, classes, and presentations, I give tools that help women reclaim their bodies and tune inward, to develop the internal knowledge that enables them to create a fulfilling and abundant life.

Ideal clients are women who are lonely or unhappy with their relationships, find themselves on a diet, exercise, over-consume cycle, are disillusioned and feel that something isn’t working in their life, or who are always striving for someone else’s ideal of who they should be and coming up short in their own minds.

Susan Bremer O'Neill
Self Appeal® Coach, Writer, Speaker, Teacher

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