Big Surprise, But Not Everyone Loves The Holiday

Personal Note

So much to be thankful for. We’ve had the most incredible blazes of tree color this year. Every day when I’m walking my little Luna (Lynn is looney for Luna) yes I know, kookoo – I’m delighted by the gifts of nature – all free!!

I’m also aware that change is part of life. One of my most difficult challenges is letting go of people I care about. Like a dog with a bone, I try to hold on past the point when the signs are clear the relationship needs to be released. What’s your experience? Do you let go easily? Hang on past the expiration date?


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Feature Article

Big Surprise, But Not Everyone Loves The Holidays

THE 7 Tips. If you’d like to the best chance of staying relatively sane during the holidays and NOT going over BUDGET here are 7 Tips to help you do so:

1) The Budget: First figure out how much IN TOTAL you want to spend on the Holidays. Include gifts, food, wrapping paper, party clothing (now we’re talking), hair & beauty products and of course alcohol. The average shopper spent $704 in 2010 and is projected to spend $14.00 less this year – who figures out this stuff?)*

2) Make a list of giftees - what you’re going to buy and the AMOUNT you are going to spend. Take the list with you when you shop – STICK to the list. No impulse buying (I’ve done this for years, primarily because if I didn’t make a list I wouldn’t remember who, what or how much. [Read More]


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I help women live their dreams by getting their Money House in order! What does that mean? Let me ask a couple questions: What does $$ mean to you? What gets in the way of making the money you want in life? How do money fears or unhealthy money behaviors like overspending, too much debt, or not saving for the future block your success? Money isn’t just about money – it’s about everything! What's your big money challenge? Get your FREE 15 Minute Money Consult Today!

“Well, it happened! The largest Nikken month ever in my history with the company!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lynn and the Law of Attraction.”  Kathy Harris, Nikken Entrepreneur, Lodi, CA


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Mary Farinacci

Mary joined our Women’s Success Network group a few months ago and she has been booked ever since. That means she’s doing a great job helping your pets feel cared for and safe while you’re away. And she does overnights!!! I know I will feel completely comfortable when she pet sits for us.


Mary's Pet Project

Mary Farinacci is the owner of Mary's Pet Project which provides a variety of pet and house-sitting services including dog walking, pet transportation, errand services, and overnight stays. She cares for your pets in your home so they don't have to leave when you go away for business or pleasure, allowing them to maintain their normal routines. As a member of Pet Sitters International, the goal of Mary's Pet Project is to ensure that you have "Pampered Pets and Peace of Mind."


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