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Create a theme for the year – 
Resolutions are too easy to break, resist or just plain forget about come feb. 1st. Rather than a resolution i prefer to come up with a theme. The last two years it’s been simple – to experience more joy. That intention has manifested in more joy with my family, friends and clients and with myself.

My theme this year is to listen to my god/heart mind more than my ego mind. Why? I’m driven to achieve and succeed. That’s good in many ways, but last year i noticed the drive was overwhelming the fun and quiet being time that feeds, nurtures and provides creative space. I felt too rushed too often. Enough.

I’ll keep you updated on how the journey goes.

Coaching challenge: create a theme for 2011. Reflect on what you learned and experienced in 2010. Think, imagine, day dream about the goals you’ve set for this year and what you want to experience, not just achieve. Have fun creating/allowing a short thematic phrase to come into your awareness. I’d love to hear what your theme for the year is.

Feature Article

"Being listened to is so close to being loved you don’t know the difference." Anonymous

3 Questions To Get The Most Out Of Networking:

When you meet someone at a networking function what do you say? Most of us repeat some version of "Hi, how are you. What do you do?" Ok, but not memorable.

I’ve had many a new networker ask me, "What do I say to people?" Something I learned from my wise aunt many years ago is to keep the focus on them. Ask them questions about themselves and listen carefully. Think about the quote above. People love to feel that someone is genuinely interested in what they have to say.

If you really want to make an impact, (and have fun in the process) try these three questions from Dawn Lyons, a BNI (Business Network International) Director.

1) why do you love what you do?
2) why choose you over your competition?
3) share a powerful, passionate story about how you helped a customer.

We do business with people we know and like. Networking opens the door to relationship building, but we have to walk through the door and nurture those relationships. I’m proud to attend two women’s networking groups – Women’s Success Network in Modesto, CA and Ewomen Network in Stockton, CA. (carrie please put links in here to both – avail on line)

Email Contest - Win Free Coaching

I have a goal to get more people reading my newsletter in 2011. My newsletter goes out once a month and is filled with health, wealth & happiness articles and tips.

I hear many of you look forward to it and enjoy what you receive! In order to meet my goal i have decided to have a contest!

In the next week the person who e-mails me the most names of your friends, family, clients and co-workers has a chance to win one of the following prizes. (please get their permission and they can opt out at any time.) I will simply add them to the newsletter as a subscriber! I will keep you updated so you know how close you are.

1st place.....wins an entire 6 months of coaching free! ($900 value).

2nd place....wins an entire 3 months of coaching free! ($450 value).

Let people you tell know I do not sell my lists – they will only receive my monthly newsletter and special offers!!

Good luck to all of you!


Email contest!!

Win win win!!

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Upcoming Events

St. Joseph’s Regional Cancer Center – Know Your Mind, Body & Spirit series

When: Tuesdays, February 1, 8, 15, 22 6:30 – 8:30 (Lynn speaks February 1)

Where: 1800 north california street, stockton

Call: 209 461-6889

"From Fear to Freedom" - stress & anxiety are underlying feelings of fear exaggerated by the pace and chaos of modern life. Lynn will teach three body-mind strategies to handle life’s stresses & struggles effectively. Be prepared to feel energized, learn how to release the past and fully experience the present.

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