Reality Check: From Doing to Being

Paintball Isn’t Just for Boys – Anymore….

Yes, girls (and mature women) can and do play paintball. In fact, I’ve played a number of times. I’ll share a secret - my inner warrior comes out on the field and I find I LOVE getting the other guy.

You’ll want to be on my team.

A few weeks ago my cousin Kim and I had the chance to play at my son Rich’s and his wife Gina’s field – Extreme Paintball It was so much fun. For most of the two hours we played, Kim and I were the only women in a field of 35 boys and men.

Paintball is great for team building because it requirescommunicationstrategizing to capture the opponents flag, strength (the 10 pound gun felt like 30 at the end) and a sense of adventure. Yes, it does sting to get hit, but it’s not awful and the adrenaline rush is worth a little discomfort.

I think playing is MORE fun with all women – so if you’re interested email me and I’ll let you know when.

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Feature Article 

Reality Check Time – From Doing to Being!

I’m concerned about the level of exhaustion, stress and worry I see amongst clients and friends. I know we’re all running as fast as we can to grow our business or sometimes just to keep our head above water and pay the bills. Whew….take a breath – in fact take 10 –conscious breathing increases oxygen to the brain by 25%.

I’ve taught EFT many times over the last ten years, but this time I couldn’t help but pay attention to a new level of exhaustion I’m noticing.

Towards the end of the seminar (and yes, it was the afternoon) when everyone was relaxed from the EFT process, there were women in the class that kept nodding off. They were trying valiantly to stay awake and present, but losing the battle. Now I’m not going to take it personally because many of these women had talked about how challenging it is to keep up with the pace of their lives and they’re not alone. Let’s be honest – we’re all feeling the intensity of life right now and it’s not just about the economy.

We women drive ourselves to get everything possible done andTHEN we can rest. But when we try to rest, guess what? We feel GUILTY!! So, we get back to it. The movie Eat, Pray, Love has a great comment about this subject: “Americans don’t know how to BE."

Here is a 7 STEP Process to give yourself a reality check, to replenish, and restore energy and to practice “being.”

It takes 5 minutes – you deserve it – and you WILL feel better.

1) Take Your Stress Temperature – Rate your average STRESS level on a scale of 0-10 (10 high) Don’t judge yourself – just notice what the number is.
2) Notice where in your body you most feel the tension/stress. 
3) Write down the top 3 things that are botheringyou.
4) Write out any angry, sad, afraid or guilty FEELINGS about the situation.
5) Take 10 full, slow, deep breaths.
6) What’s one or two ACTION steps you will take by WHEN.
7) Re-RATE your STRESS on a scale of 0-10. If it hasn’t dropped, take 10 more breaths.

Please take care of yourself – you’re the only one that truly can. Intense times require intense self-care. Situations are what they are – it’s our choice how we move through those situations!!

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