3 Tips to Transform “Downsized & Out of a Job” to a New Career


I just got back from a week in North Carolina visiting my daughter Suzann. Some of you know that I just met my daughter ten years ago having placed her for adopted when I was 15. This reconnection has been such a blessing and joy in my life. Each time we get together we build closeness and memories. I realized that so much of what “family” means is about the heart memories we build together over time. Over the last ten years Suzann and I have built wonderful memories – from my first look at her, to this last visit – lots of time on her boat and in the lake. It’s REALLY hot in the South in the summer.

I was privileged to meet her mom Eary before she passed away. Her Dad, Bob, lives in his own studio at Suzann’s beautiful lake-side home. Suzann and her father have a special relationship and adore each other. Bob has always been very welcoming of me and I’ve come to think of him as family also.

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Are You a Woman in Business READY to Unite Heart, Soul & Purpose to Make More $$ & Have More FUN?


• Are you tired from the worry, stress and strain ofgoing it alone in business or feeling as if you are?
• Are you worried about downsizing, or age forcing you out of your current job? Do you want to start a business but aren’t sure what or how?
• Do you have emotional ups and downs that drain you of focus &commitment?
• Do you, like most women, undercharge for the services or products you deliver?
• Are you afraid to take a risk because of this

I know EXACTLY how (and will teach you) to pinpoint what is and isn’t working. I will show you how managing stress and your emotions is absolutely necessary in creating more sales, staying focused & productive and recapturing the JOY & ALIVENESS you really desire.


* Got new clients

* Raised my rates

* Enjoy More ENERGY

* Hit Financial Goals

* Able to Focus

* Feel Powerful & Happy

* Created Organization

* Increased Sales

* Met Exercise/WT. Loss Goals

* Promoted to New Position

* On-Purpose

* Learned How to Delegate

Yes, times are tough. I know there are people going out of business, or losing their jobs every day and I don’t want you to be one of those. Especially today, with so much FEAR (real & imagined) about the economy, it’s SO important to know how to KEEP YOUR FOCUS on what you want and where YOU really want to go and NOT buy in to all the NEGATIVITY.

IMAGINE the excitement and peace of mind you create for yourself having specific strategies to effectively generate more of what you want and deserve. Developing a business plan along with specific goals for your health, wealth & happiness is like having an exciting treasure map because it lets you know where you are and points the way to the destination you really desire. Along the journey, you will have the support of like-minded women bringing their heart, soul & business savy to support your PURPOSE, as well as their own.

"I coach women in my business and it was a wonderful surprise how much I learned with Lynn. She is amazing. Her coaching techniques held me accountable and moved me forward."

Donna Versola, Newly recruited Training Director with Gold Canyon Candles, (YES for Donna!!)
Modesto, CA
(209) 404-7636

I am hand selecting and accepting only 15 participants so in order to find out if this is a good fit for you, when the program starts, and if it’s something that works for the budget I would love to have a conversation with you. I’ve set up 5 or 6 time slots in my calendar every week with those of you that are interested in transformation to chat with me to evaluate where you are and where want to go. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to help you. This program is quite affordable for what you receive.

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Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique Seminar:

EFT is like “psychological acupuncture.” EFT, or the tapping technique, works to quickly and easily release anxiety, phobias, stress, grief or past pain. I’ve taught this to hundreds.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 11th 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
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3 Tips to Transform “Downsized & Out of a Job” to a New Career

While I was vacationing in North Carolina with my daughter Suzann, a high-powered sales manager for a plastics manufacturing company, she noted a disturbing trend among her women friends in their 40s and 50s. These women are being “downsized.” Gail, was let go a year and a half ago “because of the economy” and because her salary and benefits were expensive compared to the 20 something right out of school that was hired to replace her. Suzann said if this was just one friend she would have bought the “it’s just the economy,” reasoning. But, it’s not. Many of her older professional women friends have found themselves without a job and without the prospects to go back into their known field. Instead of earning $50,000 - $80,000 a year the downsized find themselves surviving on unemployment or part-time jobs and grateful for that.

So, what’s the silver lining here? When we’re in transition it’s an excellent time to:

1) Start a business. A survey from Kelly Services finds that 26% of U.S. workers are free agents – freelancers, contractors, small business owners – up from 19% in 2006. An eWomen survey released in February of 2009 reports 72.5% of businesswomen are “charging ahead and keeping a positive outlook.” Working for yourself is often less risky today than working for a large corporation reports Success Magzine, Sept 2010.

2) Get re-trained in a new profession. The hot nowcareers are good news for women – they are Health Care, Sales & Marketing, Technology and Accounting and Finance. I know so many women in the insurance and financial planning arena.

3) Remember that the Personal and the Professional are One. What do I mean by that? When we’re in a place of transition – between jobs or relationships – this is the time to go within and listen to your heart, your soul’s longing and desire for purpose. It’s time to take stock of where you’re at and begin to develop a VISION for where you want to go. We often are overwhelmed at these junctures and it’s so important to seek help and support from a coach, advisor or counselor. Click here for information on my upcoming Success Bootcamp. Besides re-thinking your career, use your time off to TAKE CARE of yourself with BREATHING, exercise, meditation or prayer, and really thinking about what how you want your life to proceed for the next ten years to twenty years. If you have a passion see how you can turn that into a business. If you don’t know what your passion is take The Passion Test – my friend and fella coach Carol McKay www.dreamcoacher.com or(209) 524-2258 would be happy to take you through the process. Once you know what your passion is then you create a plan, take the action steps necessary, follow with dedication and voila – you’re out of transition and into your new career.