Exhausted Women – Here’s Relief – Supplements to Relax, De-stress or Energize Naturally

Are we going to get rid of stress? Yes, when we’re dead.

Working with women I hear all the time how tired & stressed they feel. Well, it’s no wonder. Women are working out of the home as never before AND most still do 70-80% (or more) of the household management. Yes, we work two jobs.

I’ve been interested in holistic health management since 1988 when I attended John F. Kennedy University in Ordinda, CA and earned a Masters in Psychology with a Holistic Health Specialization. I admit I am a bit of a health nut and want to share with you some of the most effective vitamin and natural supplements that keep me focused, energized, able to relax, sleep better and feel emotionally more balanced.

1) The first most basic supplements include a good multiple vitamin (Centrim is not a good product I’m sorry to say).

If you hate pills and are only willing to take one product, at least take this. Ask your health food store for a recommendation.

2) Vitamin B complex is the anti-stress vitamin. Again check with your health food store or I use Nature’s Sunshine Products (if you’re in Modesto contact Second Nature at (209) 549-0450.

3) Vitamin C: I love Emergen-C available at Trader Joe’s – just mix with water and take 2x a day – a.m. and p.m. Or also at TJ’s is a jar of Vitamin C Crystals (I use this) really inexpensive and lasts forever. Follow directions 2x a day. Vitamin C helps repair cellular damage and improves immune system function.

NOTE: To improve energy and lower anxiety, limit sodas & caffeine.

Coaches Challenge: Count the number of sodas or coffee’s per week – reduce and notice what happens to anxiety, stress, energy & sleep.

If you have some belly weight, check in with how many sodas you’re drinking a day.

The Next Level:

The supplements listed below are really terrific to for mild to moderate anxiety, relax the nervous system, improve sleep and balance energy. (* see disclaimer below)

AMINO ACIDS: I love amino acids and have taken them for years to manage stress. Amino acids are natural supplements. They do not have side effects. However if you take too much you may get a headache. If so, drink lots of water and take Vitamin c to flush quickly out of system. Best taken on empty stomach. These are all available at health food stores or online.

4) GABA – amino acid – relaxing. Take if stressed or tense. Recommended dosage 3 (See Julia Ross’sMood Cure or Diet Cure books)

1 500 mg. capsule on empty stomach. (Can take 2 or 3X a day or at night if having trouble getting to sleep.)

5) 5 HTP – all natural amino acid that converts to serotonin in brain. Buffers anxiety, natural anti-depressant, helps sleep. (Do not take if currently taking anti-depressant) 50 mg. Take 1-3 (See Julia Ross’s Mood Cure or Diet Cure books) CRAVING reducer: If you hit the wall at 3-5:00 p.m. and have sugar or carb cravings take on empty stomach.

6) L-Theanine – amino acid found in green tea. Supports mental calmness and relaxation. Very calming and focusing. Can be taken during high afternoon, evening stress, before bed or at night if awaken. Dr. Gray suggests 200-400 mg 2-3X a day, as needed. Dr. says taken at bedtime melts away stress.

7) PGX (PolyGlycopleX*: “a unique complex of water-soluble polysaccharides that help reduce blood sugar fluctuations” Blood sugar fluctuations really cause energy ups and downs. (Is available at Health Food Stores (*BE CAREful to DRINK LOTS of water with this - please read and follow directions carefully.

(* Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am not prescribing any supplementation. Please take responsibility and be an informed consumer. Do your own research – see resources below. If you have a physician that’s holistically informed please consult with them – Dr. Lisa Hunt in Modesto, CA, is someone I refer to. (209) 577-2799)

Feel free to email me with questions.