Embracing the Pandemonium

Personal Note

I heard a woman last week say: “No Balance Is The New Balance.” I get it - my life is way more hectic now than 5 years ago. But I reacted to that statement because I want more for us.

I used to consider myself the model of Balance, and I still work at it every day with exercise, meditation, prayer and FUN. 
But some days…

Flying from one phone call to the next, cramming in a 15 minute lunch before running to the next appointment, I have to ask in my best Dr. Phil voice, “How’s this working for me?” Not as well as I’d like.

Let’s reframe NO Balance to Embracing the Pandemonium (a title a young woman shared from a school essay). YES – life is chaotic, we’re all wearing more hats than we used to, everything is changing and the fast pace can make it hard for us to find the center within. So let’s just take a BREATH, appreciate and stay kind to ourselves and each other and know we’re doing the best we can!!

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Feature Article

Are You A Prisoner Of Technology?

You’re driving your children to school or practice and you barely hear what they’re telling you because you’re on the phone.
You say, “Honey, I’ll get to you in a minute. I’ve just got to take this call.”

At home during dinner, you text your friend about the networking event coming up later this week. Then another call comes in and you barely eat your dinner, much less enjoy any family time.
After dinner, the kids are doing homework and you’re on Facebook tending your garden, or updating your status. It’s fun, but the mail hasn’t been brought in for days, the bills have yet to be paid and who has time to exercise?

STOP – Take a breath, slow down and ask yourself what your priorities really are. Then ask if what you say is most important is backed up with what you’re doing.

My friend Lisa told me she realized she had created a littleprison of technology and felt locked up inside and never present with her family. I remember a time a few of us girlfriends drove to Pleasanton, CA to hear John Gray speak and gently kidded Lisa into putting the cell away and talking with us.

Lisa shared she’s now created boundaries with email and FB and when her cell rings and her children are there she says OUT LOUD to the cell phone, “You are not more important than my children.” That makes her children smile.

Coaches Challenge: Notice, without judging, when you’re missing out on connecting with the people you’re with. Make a commitment to UNPLUG for at least 30 minutes every day.

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Peggy Gardiner – Home Comfort Consult
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Peggy’s 4 Easy Rules to Follow for Less Clutter:

1. Purge file drawers 1 at a time, and do the same with book shelves, drawers, and one stack of paper litter at a time. It’s like eating an apple – one bite at a time.

2. Do not keep more than one utility bill for each service. You only need the most recently paid.

3. Credit Card Statements: Examine monthly statements for errors, pay and file only most current statement. If there’s an error, notify company, keep future statements until error has been corrected. Look at year end statement for amount of interest you have paid and if made for business the interest can be written off.

4. Use PLEASURE in your life as a reward and not as an escape.