4 Short, Snappy Tips for Connecting with Crazy-Busy Prospects

Personal Note

 Mexico, New Puppy & a spot of Grief:

 I’m a big advocate of taking time off to re-group, replenish and RELAX. My husband Dave and I just got back from our second 2 week vacation in Mexico this year. Yes, we love it there and I’m grateful for the time off.

The day after we got back I brought Luna, a 6 month old poodle-terrier mix home and boy has our life changed!! Some of you will remember our last girl – Maggie, the german shepherd, that was with us for 12 years. I still miss her, but felt ready to open my heart, and wouldn’t you know, Luna just presented herself.

We’ve always been large dog people, so this little 14 pound wonder is completely different. She doesn’t have me wrapped around her paw yet, but that’s because I have a great trainer friend who’s teaching me how to help her be a well-behaved pup.

Yesterday my 8 year-old granddaughter Grace and I went to see the movie Secretariat. The reviews weren’t that good, but I knew we’d love it. Secretariat’s owner, Penny, a 70s wife and mom who took over her dad’s training business, had such a kinship with “Big Red” as she called him. I burst into tears during the movie and in the bathroom afterwards because their relationship reminded me of the one I was lucky enough to have with my black Morgan “Mando” who was with me for 17 years. If you’re an animal person I urge you to see this movie. Animals can be amazing friends.

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Feature Article 

4 Short, Snappy Tips for Connecting with Crazy-Busy Prospects

If you’re in sales, whether you own a business, or work for someone, you may be experiencing frustration as you call or try to connect with prospects and find they don’t return your calls.

Here are 4 short and snappy tips to keep your sanity, maintain your relationships and create a WOW factor.

1) Jill Konrath, author of SNAP, Selling and Selling to Big Companies, says to “be invaluable by bringing them helpful ideas and information they can’t live without.” As I’m reading the paper, or business magazines I mark articles to send to send to specific clients or targets.

2) Send a short article by snail mail that’s specifically geared to your client’s business or needs. My clients tell me they look forward to the relevant, brief information they receive every 60 days or so.

3) KISS: Keep it simple and short. Everyone is inundated with information so when you leave a phone or email message state the reason you’re calling, what’s in it for them to call you back and don’t forget to follow-up.

4) WOW: What will make your customers or clients say “Wow” about your service or product? Recently, a coaching client, Melissa Barry of IT Solutions/Curry, Modesto, CA wowed her clients and prospects by setting up a special event at The State Theatre, Modesto’s local art theatre. She asked for and received the support of a large vendor to pay for a good portion of the event. The event included pertinent, relevant and helpful IT information for her clients, plus the movie The Matrix. Think of what you can do to create a WOW for your clients.

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