When You Feel Good You Attract Abundance - Why Pay-It-Forward & Gratitude Work

Have you ever crossed the San Mateo or Golden Gate Bridge and had the car ahead of you pay your toll? Doesn’t it make your day?

I read this story recently and I hope it makes you feel as happy & hopeful about humanity as it did me:

“On July 6th, a 32-year-old mother of two pulled up to the Steamin’ Bean drive-through window and…paid $3.50 for the 16 oz. latte ordered by the customer behind her.”* Here’s what’s really fun about this story - the recipient of that first act of kindness paid it forward, as did the next customer and so on for 12 days and counting. As of July 17th, more than 1450 customers had opted to skip a free cup and pass it on to the next guy. So much excitement was created by these good feelings that customers donated $600.00 extra to make sure the chain continued.

Why do acts of kindness benefit us? They make us happy and happiness acts as a magnet to what we want to create. (Conversely the news drains our energy!) Wayne Dyer on the cd The Power of Intention says research shows that whether we’re thegiver, receiver or observer of an act of kindness it boosts our serotonin, one of the body’s feel good neurotransmitters. HeartMath Institute’s research shows that “...the effects of anger versus care and compassion found a single episode of anger and frustration can depress your immune system for almost an entire day.” On the other hand, one five-minute experience “...of care and compassion caused a much larger, immediate rise in IgA, which then climbed above baseline over the next six hours.” (source: Intentional JOY)

Acts of kindness OPEN our hearts and our minds and will certainly transform the fear we’re seeing in the world today.

“How good can you stand it?” is one of my favorite phrases. My coaching challenge to you is to see how good you can allow yourself to feel this month by sharing this story (don’t you feel better just reading it?) and extending simple acts of kindness to those around you. Of course, I’d love to hear what happens for you - just send an email to lynntelfordsahl@gmail.com.

(*source: Modesto Bee July 19, 2009)

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Personal Note

Whew. I had a REALITY CHECK at the beginning of the summer. Sick for 5 weeks I finally went to the doctor, (no help there) and then my acupuncturist Dr. Shen, Modesto, CA. (immediately better). I know why I got run down - a year and a half of pushing myself to finish Intentional JOY, get it published and marketed, on top of speaking, coaching, counseling, relationships, grandchildren, life. My intention at the beginning of the summer was to play and replenish my reserves and I’m happy to report I’ve held to it. Taking time off to have fun and REST is the best STRESS medicine there is. I’m re-committed to maintaining this JOY through the remainder of the year by not over-booking. I’m so grateful because I LOVE what I do, but even good stress wears out the immune system.

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