Thriving in Transition

Thriving in Transition

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”(anonymous)

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Victor Frankl

If you haven’t noticed, our country and the world is in the midst of tremendous change. The buzzword I’m hearing everywhere is transition. Like the country song that starts out, “Freedom’s just another word”… transition is just another word for change.

In the early 90s I presented seminars in San Francisco to companies like Levi Strauss about how to manage and move through change. But what was happening then is nothing compared to the changes that are happening now. The trigger may be the economy, but the fallout affects everything from business to the personal and the spiritual.

Yes, the only certainty in life may be change and there are 3 tips I’d like to offer that will support you to understand the change process better and relax about it more. Relaxing helps everthing, so take a couple of breaths….how about one more?

The Change Process:

1) Endings occur first: Realize that the change or transition process has a beginning, a middle, and an end. But, every transition begins with an ending; job change, relationship break-up, child leaving for college, illness, death.

2) The Middle: In the middle of a transition, it is the most uncomfortable because there is uncertainty and chaos; anxiety levels are high and nothing is set. The thinking mind (ego) likes to know and be in control. But in the middle, nothing is known or set. It’s a time of inner sorting, the new isn’t yet in place.

3) Beginnings: Finally, things do sort themselves out – the move has been made, the new job found or new business started, the pain of the relationship breakup is waning.
This is when you can look back and say, “Whew, I made it.”

After the new beginning is the time to reflect and ask: What did I learn about myself in this process? What new parts of myself did I discover? What was the lesson I was trying to discover? If I were to do this transition all over again, how would I do differently? As the quote by Victor Frankl implies,sometimes the greatest change is the one that occurs on the inside.

Times of transition and change are ripe for coaching. Coaching supports, encourages, focuses and challenges you to reach deep within while staying on point with your goals and dreams.

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Personal Note

Report on Book tour, Tragedies & Heart Openings

On the purely positive, the Bend, Oregon book tour was a huge success. I touched the hearts and spirits of many, was paid to speak to the Entrepreneurial Networking Women and presented an Intentional JOY seminar at Joan Dudley’s place, The Sol Center, in Prineville, sold books and had a blast. The drive was gorgeous, the women incredible, Bend a delight – what a beautiful city – and Joan was an incredible hostess. And, I was so happy to be home. The trip required a lot of energy, flexibility and stretching out of my comfort zone - in other words, it was a growth experience.

On another level, for me a spiritual level, I’ve been struck by how often tragedy is occurring (another transition process) – accidents, murders, suicides, untimely deaths, relationship break ups. I’ve been privileged to “run into” (no accidents there I’m sure) many people who needed an ear in the supermarket, before a talk, at the gas station and what I’ve noticed is that while there is a lot of pain associated with these tragedies, there’s also a heart/spirit opening that’s occurring. In no way am I discounting the pain involved, and yet I’m struck by theconnections that are happening heart to heart because of these events. Learning and growth occur on so many levels and I believe we’re being asked to do the best we can to care for ourselves and each other.

I wonder if others are experiencing, noticing this and would appreciate an email if you’d like:


This Month's Spotlight

Bill Manville, columnist for the NY Daily News, author of 5 books including Good-bye, a Book-of-the-Month-Club selection, and my favorite: Cool, Hip & Sober- 88 Ways to Beat Booze & Drugs. His newest project is writing instructor for under “Writing to Get Published” at .

Bill and I met while he was doing the radio show in Sonora called “Addictions & Answers.” This show was #1 rated and on the air for four years. I was lucky to be a regular guest and the show was the most professional fun I’ve ever had. Bill is truly a cosmopolitan man, tells the most fascinating stories and is friends with folks like Jack Anderson and Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Bill is also an exceptionally gifted writer and instructor. My friends and I were privileged to be encouraged, prodded, indirectly and directly, challenged and loved as part of a four-year writing group in Modesto. Without the group and Bill’s support, Intentional JOY would never have been completed.

To give you a hint of his style, from the back cover of Cool, Hip & Sober Bill says he “now lives in California and his hobbies are maligning my friends and working on a new novel – or is that the same thing.” That’s just a taste of my friend Bill.


Coaching Works

The most successful in business hire coaches because it works. Sandra Yancey, CEO of eWomen, reported at a talk of hers I attended last month in Elk Grove, CA that she has 4. I have two coaches and am about to hire a third.

If you’d like to creatively outsmart this economy then coaching is for you. Here are some of the results my clients have achieved this last month: “My secret goal was to double my sales in one month and I DID IT!!” Another reported being “highest over budget this last quarter.”

There are group and individual coaching packages available – I love supporting you to achieve your dreams, hold yourself accountable, find those creative solutions to supposedly insurmountable problems and have more FUN and make more $$ in the process!!! (Call 209 492-8745).

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