The Fountain of Youth - Exercise

EXERCISE! I just got my cholesterol results and my doctor asked me what I do to keep it so low! Exercise, and eating well, most of the time. (We have to have a little fun!)

Let me share with you why exercise is the fountain of youth. The authors of Younger Next Year -Dr. Henry S. Lodge and Chris Crowley say that 70% of premature death and aging is lifestyle-related.

Heart attacks, strokes, the common cancers, diabetes, most falls, fractures and serious injuries and many more illnesses are caused by the choices we make each day about how we live. Dr. Lodge says we could put off 70% of normal aging problems and eliminate more than half of all disease in men and women over fifty – With exercise!!! We can biologically BE at least 5 years younger than the calendar states. Exercise truly is the fountain of YOUTH!! The only challenge is what? Our will, determination, commitment and finding a way to make exercise FUN!

Gabriele, a coaching client, had the same on and off relationship to exercise that many of you do. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and she said, “I love to exercise.” She has made the leap and exercise is now her HABIT!! She started biking and walking with girlfriends. You know how the time flies when you’re talking with friends!

If you like to dance there’s a new craze going around the gym called “Zoomba” which is like Latin jazzercize. I have to say I felt a bit klutzy the first time, but it was a blast!

Here’s a coaching challenge for you: Make a decision to start NOW – this week, preferably tomorrow to put some type of movement into your life. Commit to three months of walking, biking, dancing,hanggliding (not for everyone) 3x a week. Schedule it into your day and please remember I would love to coach you to make exercise a fountain of youth habit!

Blessings & Lots of JOY & Love,


Personal Note

I’ll be traveling next week to Bend, Oregon for my first book tour. I’m so excited (and a little anxious) – all the same energy, right? Just found out yesterday Joan Dudley, of The Sol Center, has booked me on a TV show and so I’ve contacted Bill Manville, a good friend of mine who worked as a Managing Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, for tips on how to show up for a TV spot. I’ll fill you in next time about how the trip goes.
My INTENTION is to have FUN, stay peaceful, joyful and in the flow.

Each time I’m faced with stretching into a new experience, there’s a little anxiety – BREATHE – ah…. and stay in the moment. Always works out and I love the challenge.

This Month's Spotlight

Teri O’Neal-Boring of Second Nature, Modesto, CA

Teri has been a Natural Health Coach since 1987. The first time I met Teri I knew we’d be friends for good because she is such a caring, genuine person. Her clients KNOW she is truly committed to their health and many of them have been with her since the beginning.

Teri is a Certified Reflexologist, and practices iridology, nutrition and uses muscle testing to help determine where the body is in or out of balance. She offers Nature’s Sunshine Herbs which are some of the best on the market. I highly recommend Teri.

Website: Phone: (209) 549-0450


Upcoming Events

FR*EE Monthly Master Mind Teleseminar:

Thursday May 28th 7:15 –8:00PM

Testimonial: “One of the goals I shared with the group was to have a friend to share things with and Thursday night I won’t be on the call because I am going to be with my miracle man. This is the man I put on my vision board months ago. Manifesting works.”

Loretta Shaver, Master Mind member since 2008

Master Minding is the power of meditation in combination focusing on goals. Magic happens when two or more are gathered together. It’s also great stress relief to meditate and be with a supportive group for 45 minutes at the end of the week. The call is accessed by calling this bridge line: 616-597-8000 Access Code: 932084#


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May 18 Mom’s Club – Ripon, CA 
May 20 TV appearance Bend, Oregon & book signings
May 20 Speaking at Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Bend,
May 21 Seminar – Intentional JOY: How To Turn Stress & Anxiety into Freedom, The Sol Center, Prineville, OR
June 3 eWomen Networking, Elk Grove, CA
June 18 California Marriage & Family Therapists, Modesto, CA