It's the Economy, Right?

Eighty percent of Americans in September of 2008 said the economy was a source of stress – up from 66% in April of 2008. Forty-nine percent said they felt nervous, anxious or depressed because of all the negative news. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics 5.1 million jobs have been lost since December of 2007. The national unemployment rate is 10% and could rise to 12% by fall of 2009. To add to this far from happy picture, 1 in 12 homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosure.

This gloom and doom is enough to drive anyone to eat a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies, or to the nearest fast food drive-in for relief. For anyone seeking healthier, more long lasting relief please pick up a copy of Intentional JOY – see below.

According to James Breckenridge, a professor of psychology at Stanford University, “negative information is stickier” and we give it more credibility. In the past, it was not only useful, but life saving to scan the environment constantly for potential threats. Today however, most problems aren’t life threatening, in the short term anyway. This tendency to select for the negative exacerbates stress and anxiety. Stress may not kill us today, but if left untreated, it can become what Dr. Pamela Peeke, M.D. and author of Fight Fat After Forty calls “toxic stress.” Stress becomes toxic “…when it never allows the body to shut down the stress response and can result in self-destructive behaviors, such as overeating, alcohol or drug abuse.”

Here’s a quick tip to flip that the negative economic news around and feel better in the process:

Reframe and Retrain: We may not have control over how the news is reported, but we do have choice about how it’s perceived. Reframing is a term used in psychology and coaching that means changing a statement or belief from the negative to the positive. With practice our brain becomes retrained to more automatically scan for what’s working, what’s hopeful and more positive. Be patient, because changing any habit or behavior takes about 21 days of repeating the new behavior.

Here’s how easy it is to reframe. Look at the negative economic statistics from paragraph one again and let’s flip them on their heads:

1) Five point one million jobs have been lost since December of 2007.

The Reframe: Millions more are employed than unemployed.

2) The national unemployment rate is 10% and expected to go to 12% by the fall of 2009.

The Reframe: Eight-eight to 99% of Americans are still employed, have found new jobs or started their own business.

3) One in 12 homeowners have or are losing their homes to foreclosure.

The Reframe: Eleven homeowners out of 12 are retaining their homes.


Personal Note

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This Month's Spotlight

Lori Crivelli, Owner/Agent Crivelli Insurance Services, Nationwide Insurance 1572 Fulkerth Rd., Turlock, CA 95380(209) 668-3319

Lori started her insurance business in 1993. She has won several production awards, in a male dominated profession. She challenges herself to keep up with the big boys.
Lori is really sharp and follows up relentlessly. I’ve known her for four years and if she says she’s going to do something, she does it. She analyzes your insurance needs and then makes the best recommendation.

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