When the Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Their Passport Renewed…

(Or 5 Things I Learned on Vacation)

1) Make sure passport is current, make sure passport is current, make sure passport is current…

2) Turn passport lemons into lemonade with lots of Emotional Freedom Technique, breathing & gratitude

3) Know enough Spanish to be able to call a plumber

4) Become a bug expert

5) Go with the flow and enjoy the adventure

1) Make sure your passport is current:
Many of you know my husband Dave and I were SO looking forward to our February Mexican vacation. To describe how much we were needing a vacation, the image that best fits is those men you see in the desert, crawling towards the mirage of water off in the distance, tired, thirsty, but determined. In other words, we were ready. To make a long story longer, the day of departure we were driven by Luxury Limousine Service (Marie Joiner, owner and Women’s Success Network member 209 537-5466) and arrived at the San Francisco International airport, walked right up to the gate to check in (no line) and as I handed my passport to the agent she said, “Do you have an extension?”

In complete shock, I responded with a “what?” It was all over - no entrance to the plane, no Mexico vacation. Dave figured out very quickly that this being Saturday and Monday being a holiday, we weren’t going anywhere until Tuesday at best. He marched off to cool off and I grabbed the nearest chair and started crying. Yes, sometimes crying is great stress relief. The good news is we made the best of a lemon of a situation.

2) Turn passport lemons into lemonade:
I called friends and sobbed (more stress relief) who provided quick support and no guilt, took twenty deep breaths and then booked Dave and I into the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco. We took Bart into the City (me, tapping with Emotional Freedom Technique all the way, crying and breathing). We allowed ourselves all Saturday to feel poopy and to take care of business.

We rebooked everything and Sunday dusted ourselves off and hung out until Tuesday when I could get a new passport. I have to say, that if a traveler is going to be stranded, San Francisco is the place to be stranded. We walked all over the cold and rainy City (us in our Mexico weather clothes), ate marvelous food, supported each other and repeatedly remembered all we have to be grateful for. It’s amazing how much staying focused on the good smoothes out the bad.

3) Know enough Spanish to call a plumber:
Wednesday, we finally arrived in Mexico at our time-share. Saturday we joined friends and went to a beautiful home on the beach. Ah, the warm air, the ocean, the margaritas and…the plumbing problem. Let’s just say, the smell of plumbing (I won’t describe it in detail) overrode all the pleasant smells for 3 days and in Mexico workers are on their own time schedule. Fortunately, our friends speak some Spanish and the situation was finally resolved.

4) Become a bug expert:
I know about mosquitos, but something else bit us relentlessly for the week we were at the home. We never identified what it was, though it happened at night, in bed and mosquito spray did nothing to abate the problem. A minor annoyance and I think the bite marks will be gone by May.

5) Go with the flow and enjoy the adventure:
This one is a great lesson for a control freak such as myself. But, as Dave and I kept reminding ourselves - what are ya gonna do? Moan and complain and make a bad situation more miserable? No thank you.

While I certainly don’t want to repeat the experience, we have great stories to share, we had a wonderful time all in all.

This Month's Spotlight

Nikki A. Beasley of B. Wise Consultants
Stockton, California (209) 944-9473

I was introduced to Nikki at the Central California Women’s Alliance Conference last June and the first thing I noticed about her was her gorgeous shoes. I had to meet her. She later invited me to eWomen’s Network in Stockton,( she is a founding member of the Stockton chapter). She’s also a founding member and the President of the BNI Stockton Executives Chapter.

The more I get to know her she is not only passionate about using her 18 years of financial experience to assist those struggling with money issues, she is multi faceted in her approach; she creates tangible workable solutions to hold those willing to take a proactive approach accountable to their financial goals and objectives.

Nikki exudes the warmth, caring and practical skills to transform old behavior into freedom.

Her Motto...Be Still... Plan and Prepare.... Execute...

Thrive in ’09 Group Coaching Program:

The group launched in February and there’s still room for a couple of motivated women – Here’s what one new member reported yesterday: “I have been exercising – more than the goals we set – and have already lost 2 pounds. I’m so excited.”

*Get clear about what you want

* Focus your energy and abilities on most productive activities

* Gently clear out limits or blocks to success

When you synchronize the compassion and care of your heart with the limits and yes, even toughness, of will and determination with vision and persistence, then your dreams are ACTIONIZED into reality. (Call to register or for more info: 209 492-8745)

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Intentional JOY "THE HIT BOOK":

The New York Daily News (3rd largest paper in country) Addictions & Answers column called Intentional JOY “the hit book” January 16th and “her terrific book” February 20th. See the columns by clicking the dates below:

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The Central Valley Business Journal wrote an article about Life Coaches and I (and friend Carol McKay) are featured - "Life Coaches use inspiration to help boost employee productivity."Click here to read the article.

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