Lighten Up Your Heart in 09


You know how you feel when you’ve gone through your home and cleared out the clutter? Lighter, more free, happier? Did you know that our emotional self can become as cluttered as our homes? It’s just as important to clear out or LET GO emotionally. If you’re ready to feel lighter, more energized and happier learn how with TARA, part one of The JOY System©.

Winter is the perfect time to do our inner work because the quieter energy of winter draws us within.

ARE YOU READY FOR MORE JOY and less clutter?

Have you realized you have more “stuff” than space in your home? Did you know that like our closets, our body and mind can become clogged and overloaded if we don’t regularly clear our emotional debris. You’ll love TARA, part of The JOY System because it is a quick and easy emotional clearing process that helps you feel better FAST. Going through this four step process is as satisfying as packing up the clothes you’re not using and it’s much quicker relief than digging around in your closets for hours.

The TARA (Touch, Accept, Release, Action) process literally takes about 10 minutes per situation. I’ve taught this practice to hundreds.  More detail is provided in Chapter Nine ofIntentional JOY –


THE JOY SYSTEM: Get ready to Lighten UP!!

I recommend writing this out.
First look back over the last couple of weeks to any situation that pushed your buttons enough that it’s still bothering you. Then go through this easy identification and release practice. This also works incredibly well for the long-ago memories that came up during the Holidays.
TARA – Touch, Accept, Release, Action

  1. TouchIdentify your feelings about the situation using the four  primary colors of emotion – angry, sad, afraid, guilty.

    For example:  I feel angry (that or because) my boss has asked me to work overtime again this weekend. I’m sad that my mom isn’t around for Christmas anymore.
    (Write out as many ways you’re angry as come to mind)
    On a scale of 0-10 (10 high) how angry are you? 
    I feel sad that or because, I feel afraid that or because, I feel guilty that or because ___________.

  2. Accept: However you feel is ok. Acting out our feelings on someone elseor ourselves isn’t. We’re more likely to go for sugar or over-spending if we are emotionally over-full. It’s amazing how just saying to yourself – “OK, am I mad and I have a right to be” can make you feel better.

  3. Release: Take 10 breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This type of breathing releases emotional energy.

    Now, ask again – on a scale of 0-10 how angry, sad, etc. am I? If the number hasn’t dropped at least 3 points, take 10 more breaths. If you know Emotional Freedom Technique use it to bring the number down to 0-1. (See special EFT offer below)

  4. Action: What’s the next step? Is there a specific action you need to take?  For example – I need to talk with my boss and negotiate overtime more clearly.

When’s the best time to do the TARA practice?  When your buttons get pushed, when you can’t let go of something that’s troubling you, when you’re STRESSED or anxious, if you’re looking for clarity about a situation, or whenever your intuition tells you. Once the clogged emotion is released our wiser self can get through the previously busy signal.

Diane, who learned the practice in Intentional JOY said she practiced TARA on a work situation that she was angry about and was amazed at how fast she felt better. 

Personal Note from Lynn

I love musicals! Thank goodness so does my 6 year-old granddaughter Grace. She and I danced and sang our hearts out to Momma Mia last week on a Saturday sleep over. I have to admit singing is not my gift, but who cares when it’s in your own living room? 

My next step is to invite girlfriends over for a Momma Mia sing along and I encourage you to do the same. 

I remember my grandparents singing all the time. Singing brings us into our hearts, it’s fun and it’s cheap entertainment!

I am thrilled and touched by the excitement about my new book, Intentional JOY. Readers are telling me that they think JOY is “beautifully written, wise and compassionate,” “brave,” “tear provoking.” It warms my heart I appreciate all your support!

This Month's Spotlight

Wendy Malone – house painter, artist, muralist, faux finisher and handy woman extraordinaire!! I’ve seen Wendy’s work and she’s creative, listens to what the customer wants and CLEANS UP beautifully. Wendy goes the extra mile to make her customers happy. There’s no reason to put off those home projects because her prices are great.  (209) 352-5566.


Here’s what readers are saying about Intentional JOY:

About Intentional JOY: Does this sound familiar? “I’m stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and not sure where to go for relief.” The solution isn’t going come from an external source (so you can put down that Milky Way bar). It’s going to come from inside you – from listening to your heart AND using the strategies in Intentional JOY to get back in control and reclaim the peace, energy and aliveness you really desire.


“Lynn is a great writer. If an author doesn’t have me by the second page, I’m done, but you had me on the first page. I know this is going to be a bestseller.”Jennifer Sinnett, Modesto, CA

I bought a copy of Intentional JOY for myself and my mom. She called me, really excited and said she couldn’t put it down and stayed up all night to read the entire book. Reading your book opened her eyes to all the reasons she’s been stuck in unhealthy patterns. She’s now on her second read.”
Melissa Barry, Modesto, CA & mom Connie, Wyoming


Remember the story about two little boys each in a room filled with manure? One gave up and one happily dug looking for the pony? Yes, there’s manure in the world, but it’s up to each one of us to decide which attitude we want. I love supporting you to find your ponies, clear out the emotional debris and make ’09 your best year ever.


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