Money Stress: 3 Tips to Feel Better FAST!!

What’s the top reason for divorce? Money problems. Financial stress is also the number one stressor for 75% of Americans.

April is STRESS awareness month. Most of us are plenty AWARE we have stress, but sometimes, like the frog in slowly boiling water, we become numb to it and tune it out.

Check this list of physical Stress symptoms and see how many you’re experiencing:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Pain or tightness in chest
  • Muscle tension – especially in neck and shoulders
  • Back pain
  • Ulcers
  • Digestive problems
  • Irritability 

Now, take a deep, slow breath AND all better now, right? It’s not quite that easy to shift stress is it? 

Now let’s check in with what exactly is stressing you about your money situation? Pick your top stressor: 

  • Debt
  • Lack of income
  • Not saving enough
  • Fights with your partner
  • Overwhelmed with bills
  • Don’t know how to prioritize

As a financially recovering BLONDE, I have made most of the money mistakes one can make. Even if you feel like a financial mess, there’s HOPE and since up to 75% of Americans experience financial stress, YOU are definitely not alone.

Now, what are 3 things you can do to EASE

Tip 1 - Talk About What’s Really Going on with Your Money Situation
Especially for women, talking lightens the load and makes you realize you’re not alone. As I give presentations about money to women in business I hear over and over about their struggles to make enough money, (the decks are still a bit stacked against us – but we’re making progress with income equality). Find a friend or family member to confide in. If there isn’t a safe person available, I offer a FREE 15 minute consult (209 492-8745 or email me or FB message me - I define a safe person as one who will not judge and will keep what you say confidential

I know, I know. Breathing won’t CHANGE your money situation, but when the body relaxes the mind relaxes and solutions become more clear.
As a stress management expert for 20 years I’ve taught breathing techniques to thousands of people. Research shows breathing is the #1 most stress management tip.  

AND, breathing is FREE, easy and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Here’s How:  Exhale first. Breathe in through your nose the to the count of 6, hold for a moment and exhale to the count of 6. Take 10 breaths at least 3 x a day.  I’ve taught breathing as stress reduction for over 20 years and it’s

Or, if you’d like me to guide your through a stress busting 20 minutes get a FREE MP3 download.  

Tip 3 - Create a Plan
For things to get better with your financial stress, you have to start somewhere. Get the bill folder out, the credit card slips. tally up what you owe. Now you know. It may not be pretty, but not knowing often creates more anxiety.

Next step? Figure out one ACTION step you can take this week. If it’s debt, figure out what you can pay weekly or monthly and FOCUS on one credit card until it’s paid off.  It’s better to pay something than nothing. is a terrific website for financial help. Feel a little better?  

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