What's Your Money Type

The love of Money is the...  Money doesn’t… Rich people are….  Save for a…. 

 I bet you could fill in all the blanks of those money clichés. It’s not money that’s evil, but the LOVE of money. 

We know the answers to these money clichés because we unconsciously pick up the cultural messages around us – many of which tell us there’s never enough money.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have some type of money “stuff”. Our Money Type shows us what is driving your money bus, so to speak, is by looking at your Money Type.* 

Answer these questions to see if you are an Innocent Money Type:

  • Do you have a tendency to avoid paying your bills?
  • Does the thought of money make you anxious?
  • Do you consider yourself naïve about money?
  • Is it difficult to even know what you think or feel about your money?
  • Perhaps though making good money, you’re still hoping prince charming will ride to the rescue?

If you answered yes to these questions then The Innocent Money Type is showing up in your relationship with money. The 8 Money Types aren’t who we are, but they help us see more clearly what we think, feel and how we act with money. The Type shows us our money strengths and weaknesses. 

The Innocent Money Type appears more often with women than men, probably because women haven’t been in the work force for generations and women have been taught that they are to be taken care of. 

Here are 3 suggestions to Transform the Innocent Type to a Magician:

  1. Take the FREE Money Quiz to see what other Money Types are showing up.
  2. Take baby steps to make changes. Not paying bills? Start there.
  3. Anxious whenever you think about money? Call a friend and ask them to talk you through the anxiety. Or, take 10 breaths (really this calms the fight/flight reaction) and then pay the bill.


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(*Money Coaching System copyright material developed by Deborah Price, Money Coaching Institute and used with permission)