Are You Making These Time Management Mistakes? 4 Tips to Be a Master Rather than Slave to Time

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As a woman in business is TIME MANAGEMENT driving you a bit crazy? Do you feel like you're a slave or a master of the TIME in your life? What I hear from women is they feel overwhelmed and that time is constantly, elusively, getting away from them.  I understand - I feel like that myself at times.

Let's set the stage here - time is the same as it's ever been. What's different? Technology and the constant demand of it. This includes the internet as we know it, which has been around less than 20 years - more like 15. Then we add in smart phones, social media, etc and no wonder we get overwhelmed. Technology pulls our attention in many different ways throughout our work day and UNLESS we are VERY determined to MANAGE HOW MUCH and WHEN we engage - we can feel out of control and sort of victimized.

But, we are not victims. KNOW THIS - your most important time management tool is your BRAIN. Here's a technique to help you move from time slave to master.  

Stay conscious of where your MIND is going by re-evaluating when you're overwhelmed, stressed or anxious with these 4 steps:

1) PAUSE  - Take 10 breaths

2) THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT - Is your thinking productive, day-dreamy, on-task or off? Have you followed the text or email shiny object?  

3) REFOCUS - Refocus your mind on what's productive and positive. If necessary, stand up, wave your arms around, and slap your hands up and down your arms on either side to get the energy moving.

4) WHAT IF? - If you're struggling or stuck with a project - ask this expanding question:  What IF?  What if I knew the answer? What IF I am making contact with the right potential client? The WHAT IF question opens the mind to possibilities and triggers creative problem solving. *

Time management apps like Toggl, Evernote, Remember the Milk, and project managers like one I use called Trello are all good.

As a Money and Business Coach I help women manifest more TIME and attract MONEY through their thoughts, habits and actions.

*NOTE: adapted from Using Your Brain to Win by Holly G. Green - very good!!