3 Steps for Financial Stress Relief

Are you ready for financial stress relief? Whatever we're stressed about we tend to overfocus on with worry, doubt, confusion or anxiety. Of course, whatever we think about gets bigger and bigger in our mind creating more stress. And, we don't always know how to intervene with ourselves and STOP the downward spiral.

I have been there, I get it. One of my missions over the last ten years has been to learn how to take charge of my money, stop feeling like a victim to the ups and downs of my self-employed income, the stock market and to create more JOY and peace.

First, we do have to peek under the covers of our financial business and know what's going on. Hiding or avoiding our money challenges actually creates more worry and fear. In fact, it's said that by the time someone makes an appointment to go to therapy, they're well on the way to healing. Why? The decision to get help for themselves has been made. If you're too overwhelmed to look at your finances by yourself, a credit counselor, a money coach such as myself, go to a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at a church - but DO something.

Here are 3 things you can do to start taking control:

Step One: Mind Your Money:  First off, you have to know how much money you have in your bank account and cash on hand, the amount of your expenses or the bills that need to be paid. If you're online, look at your bank balances every day - just for a minute every day.

Step Two: Develop an easy Bill paying system: Who likes to pay BILLS? No one. For one thing when I see the word bill my stomach tightens, this sense of heaviness comes over me. But try this re-frame of bill to a "request for payment." Robert Schienfeld, author of Busting Loose from the Money Game,wrote a concept shifting book and says that to think of bills as an opportunity to appreciate the services you are receiving. I love this and use it myself. For example, instead of gripping about the cost of your energy bill "reframe"  your thinking to appreciate all the things electricity brings into your home. Or your car payment - well, you get the idea. Practice reframing bill to requests for appreciation for 60 days and notice how it changes the anxiety and avoidance around making those payments.  Also, have a regular bill paying day - mine is Monday.

Step Three: Think Positive: Thought is energy. I know it's been said over and over, but it's the truth. Whatever we think about is what we are creating and then experiencing. If you doubt this, next time you're sitting in your car at a stop light turn, look and think something nice about the person in the next car. See if they don't turn around and look back.