Dieting is Like Jail: Break out Forever

Personal Note

Money, Money, Money 

As the Health, WEALTH, & Happiness Coach, I’ve long been fascinated by the subject of money. Money is a loaded subject for most of us. We avoid it, deny its limitations, treat it as if it’s a King or a snake hiding in the closet. But at it’s core, money is neutral energy. However, we attach plenty of stuff to making it, having it and keeping it. I avoided and ran from dealing with my $$ issues for years. But in the last ten years I’ve consciously changed my relationship to money.

I’m excited to announce that I’m in the process of becoming a Certified Money Coach under International Money Coach Deborah Price and author of Money Magic. This work is transformative.

Starting in May I’ll offer a 3 part series to shift your Money Consciousness. Watch for upcoming announcements. For now see below:

FREE FUN OFFER: Money QUIZ: Take a fun, short quiz that I will go over with you in a personal 15 minute session. The Money Quiz helps you determine which of the Money Typesare operating in your life. “We may be successful in many areas of life, but money decisions, changes or crises…” (Deborah Price) push our money buttons. When we understand the underlying drivers around our relationship to $$ better we’re able to make new more empowered decisions. Call Lynn (209) 492-8745 or email at lynntelfordsahl@gmail with Money Quiz in subject line.

Feature Article

Dieting is Like Jail – 5 Tips to Guarantee Weight Loss Success!!

I worked with women weight concerns for 13 years and there there’s no quick fix solution no matter what the current diet fad promises. Weight loss and maintenance require steady, persistent focus and action. You can do it – here’s what I suggest for long-term success!! 

1) Stay Conscious – It’s TRUE. 95% of those that lose weight gain it back. Why? Because you can’t stay in jail forever and most diets are like jail. I’m sorry to tell you but There’s No Magic Wand to Lose Weight. However, with persistence and patience, a healthy food and exercise plan you can do it.

Everyone jumps on the lose weight bandwagon. One popular (and kind of crazy diet) right now is the HCG diet. It requires you to eat 500 calories a day and get hormone injections. ALERT: Anyone eating 500 calories a day WILL lose weight!! (The concentration camp survivors were kept on a 900 calorie a day diet.)

Here’s WHY stringent, quick loss diets are a bad idea. When you’re dieting the body goes into starvation. Then when you start eating normally again, guess what? The body holds onto every calorie it can and the end result is more weight gain.

To lose and keep weight off requires you to stay conscious of what you’re eating (and why) and you must have an exercise program or you’re likely to gain weight as you age.

That’s it. 

2) Join a Support Group: I think the best is Weight Watchers. For inexpensive, long-term support you can’t beat it. WW helps you stay accountable. They have good recipes and handy point systems and you can have fun food once in awhile. (Let’s remember food is supposed to fuel our body and be pleasurable). When you have to get on the scale once a week at a meeting, it’s hard to be in denial about what you’ve been eating. Weight Watchers also has on-line support if it’s difficult to get to a meeting every week.

3) EXERCISE: Find what works for you and commit to it for 60 days. This is where, if you can afford it, hiring a personal trainer is really going to keep youmotivated. I recommend Sonya Gonzalez (209) 380-5225. Exercise raises the metabolism, energizes, relieves stress and allows you to eat more than if you weren’t exercising.

4) Accountability Partner: CHANGE is Uncomfortable. To go from not exercising or paying attention to what you eat isn’t easy. Commit to 60 days and have an accountability partner – a friend, a personal trainer, your spouse, a COACH. As the Health, Wealth & Happiness Coach I have many women clients that include weight as part of their overall plan.

5) Commit to the Long Term: Twelve step programs remind participants to take it a day at a time. Ask yourself: Can I stick with my food & exercise plan today? If I’m feeling wobbly who can I call to help me stay on track? I have clients email me the first few weeks when they’ve gone to the gym. Really supports the conscious accountability factor.


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