Tiger, Testosterone & Power

TigerWoodsTiger, testosterone and power.  Like so many before him, Tiger succumbed to the potent duo of testosterone and power. We all have a potential dark side, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that like Tigers’ ego, drive and determination, his shadow is just as big.

Tiger’s talent and the media have made him into the perfect God of golf. But he’s as mortal as any other sports hero, rock star, or politician that has caved to the pressure or run after the ever-present array of women throwing themselves after these guys. (Women groupies are another story.)

Talking with my workout girlfriends last week I asked them what they thought about the news of Tiger’s fall. Debbie said that no matter what he does in the future, all his successes are now tainted by his failure to keep it in his pants. Sandra, more compassionately mourned for his lost childhood; a childhood spent at the golf range and that now, finally, he’s rebelling.

Is Tiger addicted to women or sex? Who knows and, except for the fact that he is in the public eye, it’s none of our business. As an addiction specialist, I think it’s a sad and repetitive story that to balance out all the glory and pressure of success, the fragile and very human ego seeks self-destructive behaviors.

tiger & wifeIn order to not only get his family back, but keep them, it’ll be important for Tiger to deal with the what was really driving his behavior. I hope he’ll dedicate himself to the inner work he needs to do to balance out the years of career focus. A lesson learned too late by so many is that the addictive high of the glitz and the glory can’t make up for the self-respect and value of loved ones.