Addiction to Things

Americans are addicted to being something they’re not. They’re addicted to things," says Oprah. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now: "Things and conditions can give you pleasure, but they cannot give you joy."

Brad made an appointment for counseling by explaining that he was addicted to shopping, fast food & internet porn. I thought – wow – he’s so American. If you have ever been so stressed or anxious that you’ve reached for the closest piece of chocolate or run for a quick latté to make yourself feel better, you can relate. It’s so common to reach for the quickest relief advertisers recommend when we’re overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.

Most of us long for more happiness, but don’t always know how to achieve it. For a long time, I didn’t either. I grew up in the quintessential addictive home – alcoholic mother, sports and gambling obsessed dad – abuse, depression and anxiety. Today I know how to let go of the “upset” feelings and create peace and happiness. I’m not saying every day is a JOYfest - I have my challenging days too – that’s life. But, I’ve found a secret. The key is to go into, rather than away from upset. It’s paradoxical, but when we use body-mind strategies, like those in Intentional JOY we move through stress & upset quickly, and get back to feeling good. Isn’t that freeing?

Are we all addicted?

Escapes such as a glass of wine (or 3 or 4) or a hit of pot, or shopping, or food, distract us from life problems temporarily, but don’t solve them, or the underlying feelings. If you find yourself relating, take a breath, and try to be nonjudgmental.

The Solution:

The three strategies in Intentional JOY that help to quickly and easily reduce stress and anxiety (which are under most addictions) are Conscious Breathing, TARA, Emotional Freedom Technique and Imagery. TARA allows you to identify what feelings are underneath the upset in a quick, easy format. Then EFT, which can be thought of as psychological acupressure, releases the upset from the body. New brain neuroscience research shows that just naming emotions is often enough to feel better, but we have to know how. For more info go to ( for video “how-to’s” and Intentional JOY 
for the written TARA process.

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Personal Note

I’m practicing all my own strategies throughout every day to manage the stress and anxiety I’m experiencing as I stretch into new territory with this Amazon Bestseller launch. Breathe, sigh, ah…. The date for the launch is Jan 12th and I will so appreciate your help to reach the top ten that day. (See below for $500.00 worth of BONUSES when you purchase that day only).

There are so many details to this process and I’m grateful for the help I have – Carrie and Karen – two V.A.’s you’ve heard me mention before.

Our kitchen is complete and it’s gorgeous. Thank you to Classic Design and Tiffany Gomes, in Lodi who is one of my eWomen connections and proof positive that networking creates business.

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December Spotlight

Kyle Lingg, specializes in Neuro-Reflex Therapy, a form of foot and hand therapy massage incorporating reflexology combined with techniques promoting circulation and increased nerve conduction. She is also a Cleansing Coach with Isagenix, a cleansing and nutritional program. The benefits of Neuro Reflex Therapy may be:

  • Relaxation, reduced pain, regeneration of nerve endings, detoxifies the body’s tissues, enhances immune function.

I’m off to my monthly session with Kyle right now and I wouldn’t miss it. If you have any health concerns, are diabetic or just want to feel good but don’t have the time or money for a full body massage, try Kyle.

Kyle Lingg – 209-869-1288 or 402-1588 (Now at Second Nature in McHenry Village).

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