Where's My Money Going 21 Day Challenge

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  • Buy a Small Notebook from the dollar store  to Keep In Your Purse and Write down Everything you buy for the next 21 Days! 
  • Or download an app on your Smart Phone
  • Write the date, what you've bought and the amount into your notebook.
  • Submit the Form Below Every Day for the Next 21 Days

One woman who took the challenge realized her bakery visits were conflicting with her weight loss goals. Another client had a huge A-HA when she counted up how much she spent on dining out each month - $1200.00. She quickly corrected this spending lack of awareness.

You can get a small notebook at the grocery store – or you can download an app on your SmartPhone and - or use it’s Note function. How you do it isn’t important – what’s important is to track every single expenditure over the next 21 days. Eye-opening and awareness building. 

And, please let this be a non-judgment zone. This is not about beating yourself up whenever you spend money on something – this is about becoming more AWARE so you can make the BEST financial decisions!

Remember – being money savvy isn’t just about making more money – it’s about valuing and caring for what you already have too. This is a great first step in tuning in to where your money goes and also beginning to value every penny of those hard earned dollars!! 

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