ATTN: Are You a Woman in Business READY to Unite Heart, Soul & Purpose to Make More $$ & Have More FUN?

* Are you tired from the worry, stress and strain of going it alone in business or feeling as if you are?

* Are you worried about downsizing, or age forcing you out of your current job? Do you want to start a business but aren’t sure what or how?

* Do you have emotional ups and downs that drain you of focus & commitment?

* Do you, like most women, undercharge for the services or products you deliver?

* Do you struggle with GUILT about not being as successful as you think you should be?

* Are you afraid to take a risk because of this economy?

I know EXACTLY how (and will teach you) to pinpoint what is and isn’t working. I will show you how managing stress and your emotions is absolutely necessary in creating more sales, staying focused & productive and recapturing the JOY & ALIVENESS you really desire.


* Got new clients

* Raised my rates

* Enjoy More ENERGY

* Hit Financial Goals

* Able to Focus

* Feel Powerful & Happy

* Created Organization

* Increased Sales

* Met Exercise/WT. Loss Goals

* Promoted to New Position

* On-Purpose

* Learned How to Delegate


Yes, times are tough. I know there are people going out of business, or losing their jobs every day and I don’t want you to be one of those. When I think back to where I started five and a half years ago in my coaching business I can’t believe how much and how FAST everything is CHANGING. It’s hard to keep up by yourself, which is why I always have at least one coach on my team.

Especially today, with so much FEAR (real & imagined) about the economy, it’s SO important to know how to KEEP YOUR FOCUS on what you want and where YOU really want to go and NOT buy in to all the NEGATIVITY. In order to do that you have to have a plan and follow the plan and you need encouragement and support and accountability.

IMAGINE the excitement and peace of mind you create for yourself having specific strategies to effectively generate more of what you want and deserve. Developing a business plan along with specific goals for your health, wealth & happiness is like having an exciting treasure map because it lets you know where you are and points the way to the destination you really desire. Along the journey, you will have the support of like-minded women bringing their heart, soul & business savvy to support your PURPOSE, as well as their own.

"I coach women in my business and it was a wonderful surprise how much I learned with Lynn. She is amazing. Her coaching techniques held me accountable and moved me forward."

Donna Versola, Newly recruited Training Director with Gold Canyon Candles, (YES for Donna!!)
Modesto, CA
(209) 404-7636

"Lynn’s coaching has created a sense of purpose and has directed me to stay on track. She calls me on my stuff and keeps me focused on the positive. I’m completing so much more."

Pat Brown,Jockey Person-to-Person ComfortSpecialist
Escalon, CA
(209) 988-0582

I’m thrilled to be launching The Success Is More Than the Money 90 Day Bootcamp and here is a very special offer:

By the end of “The Success Bootcamp Program" you will:

* Have a specific plan to increase your business success and your health, wealth & happiness over the next year.

* Have the Action Steps to launch 2011 with a BANG!

Create a VISION for your business & life for next 12 months.

* Launch 2011 from a place of power, creativity & focus.

* Combine heart, soul & purpose to magnetize vs. effort your goals into reality.

* Learn & Practice easy ENERGY strategies to shift stress, struggle & overwhelm.When you minimize the stress, you’re able to FOCUS & increase productivity!

* Transform negative beliefs that block your success & JOY.

Transform fear of change to excitement.

BE part of a community of women who have your back and want the best for you.

* Make more $$ & have more FUN!!!

“Click HERE for your Complimentary Interactive Conversation” to see if the Success Bootcamp is the right fit.”

Many of you could be thinking it's a time of doom and gloom and you're scared – it’s ok to be scared – but you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION ANYWAY. I will teach you the same strategies I’ve taught hundreds to deal with anxiety, confusion and fear of change to accelerate your money-making potential.!!

But you first have to DECIDE what you really want. This is usually what stops us...

Next you have to BELIEVE it’s actually possible to have more, BE, do more (changing beliefs and pushing through stops) is the inner work you hear me and my clients talk about and I help you with this too. No amount of marketing or follow-up will matter without the right mindset that YOU DO DESERVE IT, You deserve to have a better, happier life that's more fun, richer and fulfilling!!) 

Then you have to be ready and willing to TAKE THE ACTION STEPS it takes to get there.

Here’s what you’ll receive in the Success Bootcamp 90 day program:

* 3 Cutting Edge Business Training Calls
* 3 Heart, Soul & Energy Balancing Calls
* 3 Group Question/Answer Calls 
to keep you on track, motivated and to share wins & successes.
* Group Forum for support & feedback
* See Bonus #2 below for even MORE SUCCESS Value


  • *In-Person 3 hour Launch & Planning Session to assess, strategize & set the goals you want to accomplish. You will be guided to complete a carefully constructed assessment that pinpoints what’s working and isn’t in your business, and with your health, wealth & happiness.
  • Having goals is essential and taking plenty of action is necessary but you won’t have the success you desire without a VISION from your heart, soul & purpose that pulls it all together so the 3 hour session includes the very powerful Vision Board Experience.

"Everything I placed on my vision board has come true."

Shannon Fernandez
Certified Massage Therapist

In order to enroll in "The Success is More Than The Money Bootcamp" please apply for aComplimentary Strategy Session right now to see if this is a good fit for you:

Fill out the form below or Call (209) 492-8745 and I’ll get you scheduled ASAP.

I’m hand selecting and accepting only 20 participants so in order to find out if this is a good fit for you, when the class starts, and if it’s something that works for the budget I would love to have a conversation with you. I’ve set up 5 or 6 time slots in my calendar every week with those of you that are interested in transformation to chat with me to evaluate where you are and where want to go. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned to help you. This program is quite affordable for what you get.

I have been working with women for 20+ years and know how to help you dig deep into what you REALLY want to be doing with your life and business, even if you’re not aware yet of what that is or how to get THERE – I am there for you - to encourage, support, and if necessary give a gentle kick in the pants – to build and promote your business (and stay sane in the process) so that you can make more $$ and have more FUN. The journey is as important as the destination.


What would the impact be on your income if it could increase by 20% or more, over the next year? What would that amount be? Write it down. Isn’t it worth it to invest in your business and yourself? And, the return doesn’t stop at a year, if you stick with me, because we can improve on that over time. I have many women who keep coming back because of the results they receive.

The Success is More Than the $$ Bootcamp is more than 15 hours of ACTION packed business planning, vision expanding, heart & soul transformational time with Lynn, and the group members, to CLARIFY what you want, and accelerate your ability to get to the next level of your business and your life.

"In Lynn’s group I exceeded my goals substantially. I had the largest month I’ve had in 1½ years. What Lynn helped me find within myself helped me achieve this monumental feat."

Lynn Quijada-Splan, Director of New Business Development, The Warden’s Office 
Modesto, CA
(209) 758-6730

Lynn, I’m ready NOW for a Conversation with you to see if Success Bootcamp is a good fit for me.

BONUS #2: In-Person 3.5 Hour “Money Archetype*” seminar

Money Archetypes are not your personality or who you are. They are symbolic metaphors that illuminate patterns and behaviors. Discovering your Money Archetype shows you where you’re at so you can become aware of, and change unconscious behaviors.

* Are you ready to transcend old $$ patterns?
* Would you like to be FREE to make 2011 your Best $$ year yet?
(*Based on Certified Money Coach Deborah Price’s Money Coaching Institute Program)

P.S. There are only 20 slots available and you are one of the first select and special women to receive this offer. I really want you to participate in this program!

GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied for any reason, 100% refund, no questions asked.

* Extra Bonus: Upon enrollment you will receive a copy of Lynn’s first book: The Greatest Change of All – A Women’s Spiritual Novel. If you already have this they make great gift give-aways.

Register HERE for Complimentary Interactive Conversation to see if The Success Bootcamp is a good fit for you –

Last Day to Apply for Strategy Session: Jan. 10, 2011 
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About Lynn:

Lynn Telford-Sahl is the Health, Wealth & Happiness Coach for Women in Business. Lynn has a M.A. in Psychology with a Holistic Specialization. She is the author of two books – Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom & The Greatest Change of All – A Spiritual Novel for Women. She is a national speaker and has led groups of all kinds for over twenty years. Lynn is an expert at supporting, encouraging and nudging women to stretch beyond their limitations and to reach their fullest potential.