Are you ready to change your relationship with money so you can experience a life filled with abundance and joy?

Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A. Psychology is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and Certified Addiction Counselor.  For 9 years I've coaced women in direct sales, small business owners and women in mid-life transition who work really hard and don't have enough to show for it overcome money obstacles to make more money, manage it optimally and have FUN in the process.

Can you relate to any of these money mistakes that women typically make? 

* Under earn   *  Over work    * Give away too much time or energy    * Over shop or spend  when stressed or anxious     * Carry too much debt    *Aren't saving enough for the future

Financial Stress is Affects 80% of Americans and causes over 50% of Divorce

Do you have any these financial stressors?

  • Wanting to avoid discussions, thoughts or planning about money?
  • Not making as much money as you want?
  • Arguments with your partner or spouse?
  • Undercharging clients or over servicing?
  • Not saving enough for the future?

You are not alone with any of these feelings and to help you, Lynn is offering a FREE 15-minute Phone Money Strategy Session

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